When It Comes to Green Beauty, Packaging is Just As Important as Ingredients

Photography: Getty Images

In addition to cleaner ingredients, consumers are also demanding less packaging during the green beauty revolution. In an April 2018 survey of more than 7,000 women, Influenster found that 86 percent of women evaluate whether a brand is “green” or not based on its packaging and ingredients. “These same consumers are driving spas and hospitality outlets to look at single-use plastics like bags, water bottles, straws, and coffee cups, and the industry is responding,” says Joanna Roche, executive director of the Green Spa Network. “The culture is changing to be more environmentally sensitive and to apply self-care to the planet.”

According to Roche, refillable containers for beauty products, gifting of stainless-steel straws and water bottles, water bottle fill stations, and packaging that can be planted to grow flowers or lettuce are just some of the innovative ways companies are striving to be greener and more sustainable. Ada Lamela, director of education—U.S. West Coast and global corporate educator for Pevonia, notes that packaging is focused on reducing plastic use. Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics has done away with standard shampoo bottles and instead introduced Shampoo Bars, which are said to outlast two to three bottles of the liquid formulas.

“The demand for more waterless products will also be on the rise due to the fear of water shortages, creating a more eco-friendly way of doing business,” says Lamela. In the meantime, companies are intent on finding better solutions. Says Lamela, “We continuously search for and implement additional ways to increase sustainability with more eco-friendly packaging options, multi-use versus single-use packaging, and charitable contributions for planet conservation.”


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