Why You Need to Post a Mask Selfie this Snow Day

Photography: Getty Images

If you're in the U.S. right now, chances are you're cold. Here in New York City, we're getting hit hard by this Bomb Cyclone, with temperatures only expected to get worse over the weekend. The upside is, though, that there is no better time to treat yourself than when you're trapped inside on a snow day. Before this weekend, try putting on a face mask, and be sure to share it online. Not only will your skin benefit, but your social following will benefit, too.

It’s a given that masks need to perform at home and in the spa, but if you’re not also considering how they’ll perform online, you’re missing a great opportunity to reach a wider audience. CBI’s Melanie Timms notes that her company has seen a big increase in mask sales across the board, a bump she primarily attributes to demand from the growing millennial market—a demographic with a well-documented affinity for social media.

“Mask selfies are everywhere these days, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon,” says Ashley Stowers, national educator for CelleClé Skincare. To get in on the action, think visually. Ingredients that offer a spark of color or bubble upon application add flare to functionality. “Anything that has both novelty and visual appeal will ultimately drive the retail side,” says Timms.


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