Advice for Creating a Men-u for Male Clients

It is crucial to make sure male customers feel welcome, taken care of, and fully at ease during their visit. Photo credit: AJ_Watt/Royalty-free/Getty Images

As with any client, it is extremely crucial to make sure male customers feel welcome, taken care of, and fully at ease during their visit. According to Serena Slade, business development manager at Moor Spa, one strategy is to switch up the menu. “We highly recommend for spas to create a specific service menu catering to men,” she says. Even if your spa does not currently have the bandwidth to handle a completely new menu, Nicole Landon, national training director at Guinot USA, says that it can help to simply add a few male-targeted treatments, such as a deep-cleansing facial or a facial to help ease the irritation of ingrown hairs or razor burn. “Even a specific eye treatment for men with large beards could be a nice option,” says Landon. And remember to keep it uncomplicated, but add some variety where needed. “Clever treatment titles can be very eye-catching, but they should convey what the treatment will do,” says Shannon Esau, CEO and national educator at Rhonda Allison Cosmeceuticals. “In other words, focus on the results and keep it simple. Create treatments that specifically target men’s skincare needs and use ingredients that are likely to appeal more to them, like raw minerals and stone extracts, cacti, clay, and sake. This is a generalization, but we’ve seen these types of ingredients appeal more to men across the board. Finally, offer a mix of express treatment and more indulgent, lengthy services.”

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