Chiva-Som Celebrates 25 Years of “The Haven of Life”

Chiva-Som is celebrating 25 years in 2020. // Photo Credit:

April 19, 2020 marked the 25th anniversary of Chiva-Som International Health Resort (Hua Hin, Thailand), and to commemorate, the company shared 25 facts about the history and creation of the resort. The resort acknowledges that wellness is a journey, and in honor of its monumental anniversary, decided to share its journey through the years.

Chiva-Som founder, Boonchu Rojanastein, originally acted as the Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand before he decided to open a resort. In his spare time, he encouraged his family to adopt a healthy, un-regimented wellness lifestyle. To bring his dream of a wellness retreat to life, Boonchu demolished his holiday home in 1991 and constructed the resort that we now know and enjoy today. His goal was to create a haven where people could escape and participate in wellness activities, which inspired the name Chiva-Som, which translates to haven of life. 

At its creation the retreat focused on three modalities: spa, fitness and nutrition, but as time has gone by, the resort expanded this incorporating three more–physiotherapy, holistic health, and aesthetic beauty. But at its core, the resort began as a “haven” for people to go to for a wellness retreat, and today continues to help and encourage visitors to find and enjoy a wellness orientated lifestyle.

 From the moment retreat goers enter, their journey begins both literally and metaphorically. When visitors arrive, they must travel over a bridge with a lake view. From there, they reach a garden surrounded by nature and as they pass through the garden and enter the lobby, they are greeted with a serene view of Thailand. At first glance, the tri-logo of the resort may just seem aesthetically pleasing, but in actuality holds much more meaning. Each part section represents the mind, body, and spirit, which Chiva-Som believes is essential for obtaining balanced wellness.

Even after reaching this milestone, Chiva-Som hopes to continue offering not only a rich history of wellness, but enhancing and motivating each person that chooses to stay at the resort.


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