Factors That Attract or Deter Men From Visiting the Spa

Experts share the biggest attractions and obstacles for men in the spa space today. Photo credit: YakobchukOlena/iStock/Getty Images Plus

While there are plenty of factors that are bringing men into spas, there is also a multitude of deterrents that are keeping potential male clients out. Here, we asked some experts to share the biggest attractions and obstacles for men in the spa space today.


  • “Express services are a great way to get first-time spa-goers in the door. In 30 minutes, you can deliver an effective treatment that will allow them to experience the rejuvenating, relaxation, and skin benefits. Following the treatment, send them home with an easy three-step system of multitasking products so they begin to realize that skincare doesn’t have to be a major investment of their time. Often those 30-minute treatments open the door to longer treatments.”—Shannon Esau, CEO and national educator, Rhonda Allison Cosmeceuticals
  • “Most men that I have worked with prefer simplicity. They want the treatments to be results-driven, but relaxing. They want to take care of their skin but want their daily regimen to be quick and easy.”—Nicole Landon, national training director, Guinot USA
  • “Body treatments for active people, specific massages, localized abdominal slimming wraps, anti-aging facials, and acne facials.”—Christian Jurist, M.D., AMS, FS, medical director of global education, Pevonia International
  • “Typically, massage has been the number-one treatment for men to receive. However, we have seen an increase in men coming into spas for facials and skin treatments. This trend is on the rise and will most likely continue to increase in 2021. The trend of multipurpose products is on the rise as well.”—Serena Slade, business development manager, Moor Spa



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  • “Time could be an issue with long and complicated treatments, and any connection to something feminine or the décor of the place not being neutral.”— Jurist
  • “Although the spa industry is for everyone, we still see a stigma in the industry with it being a women’s environment, which simply is no longer the case. We suggest spas start hosting men’s talks for men specifically to connect on a more holistic approach with education being top of mind.”— Slade
  • “Oftentimes, it comes down to making time for themselves. We all struggle with making time for self-care, and men are no exception.”— Landon
  • “There is still some skepticism, as well as a lack of knowledge around skin health for men. Many men believe over-the-counter brands—or even their bar soap—are as effective as cosmeceutical, professional-grade products, which we know to be the furthest thing from the truth. In addition to the skepticism, men commonly perceive professional skincare as complicated or complex. They don’t want to introduce a regimen into their routine that is going to be time-intensive.”— Esau

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