Helpful Tips for Marketing to Male Spa Clients

It's important to make your spa and its male-focused offerings known. Photo credit: andresr/Royalty-free/Getty Images

Before men can visit your spa, they need to know that it exists and that it caters to their specific interests and needs. Here are some top-notch tips on making your spa and its male-focused offerings known.

  • “We typically see advertising for women receiving facials or body treatments. However, try to get some of your marketing in place with men receiving these types of services, too.”—Serena Slade, business development manager, Moor Spa


  • “Promote with male images about self-confidence, improvement, success, happiness, relaxation, and getting younger and stronger. Promote on social media platforms.”—Christian Jurist, M.D., AMS, FS, medical director of global education, Pevonia International



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  • “Experience has shown that using strong, active phrases appeal to the active, busy man. Spas should also promote the idea that everything about the treatment and products is geared specifically for men’s skincare needs—from ingredients and ease of use to the serious results. Once you have your marketing pieces in place, begin spreading the word among your female clientele because they will likely be the ones to introduce the men in their lives to your business. Also, try partnering with local businesses that appeal to men, like golf courses and country clubs, fitness facilities, or barbershops, to develop special incentive packages.”—Shannon Esau, CEO and national educator, Rhonda Allison Cosmeceuticals


  • “When sending out spa emails, send separate emails for your male spa clientele that target their needs. Try to separate your email list so you target your male clientele separately with a message that speaks to them.”—Nicole Landon, national training director, Guinot USA

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