Seaweed Use Has Increased 176% Since 1995, Here's Why It's Good for Business

As it turns out, renewed interest in innovative algae-derived products is good for the bottom line. “Recent reports have found that the seaweed industry is undergoing a rapid global expansion and currently accounts for approximately 49 percent of the total mariculture production, with the industry valued in total $6.4 billion in 2014,” says Repêchage’s Lydia Sarfati.

“According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, seaweed use has increased 176 percent since 1995, and predictions have an even greater growth in the future.” It’s a homegrown industry, as well, notes Sarfati: “While Asia is the largest market of seaweed globally and accounted for more than 55 percent of market share in 2015, North America is the fastest-growing region for seaweed applications.”



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