Secrets From the Treatment Room: Literal Laundry

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Spa directors and industry insiders share some of their most memorable spa experiences with American Spa. Here's what happens when a spa-goer gets angry over her own mistake.

“At one spa I managed we had facilities where guests could wash their own workout clothing and such. We provided complimentary single-use boxes of Tide, like one would find in laundromats, as well as liquid laundry softener. I was called in a panic to the washing machine area, because an irate guest said our machines ruined her swimsuit, all of her workout gear, and some other expensive clothing. When I arrived, she screamed at me about the clothes, and clearly, they were ruined. I couldn’t figure out why it had happened and asked her how she had washed the clothes. She said, ‘I turned it on and read the directions on the box of detergent, and it said ‘add one box,’ so I threw it in and shut the lid.’ She didn’t know that the box had to be opened and the powder put in the machine, and her clothes were ruined by the cardboard box remnants. Really…” –Michael Tompkins, partner with Hutchinson Consulting. 


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