Six Senses Heads to Bhutan and Singapore

Six Senses is expanding to Bhutan and Singapore // Photos courtesy of Six Senses

Six Senses Bhutan, a collection of five boutique lodges set in the western and central valleys of Bhutan, debuts three locations this month—Six Senses Thimphu, Six Senses Paro, and Six Senses Punakha—with two other locations—Six Senses Bumthang and Six Senses Gangtey—opening in November. Each of the locations honors its region with a variety of experiences native to its specific environment, and each lodge will have its own Spa & Wellness Center with facilities and treatments reflecting the valley in which it is set.

Therapies range from hot stone baths in Thimphu and Bumthang to a pyramid meditation room and swedana treatment at Gangtey to a dip in the heated outdoor pool at Punakha or treatment in a spa room overlooking the ruins in Paro. “There is so much to explore in this mystical Himalayan Kingdom, with its cultural, natural, and spiritual beauty making it a compelling destination,” says general manager Mark Swinton. “With the nation’s driving force being Gross National Happiness, the Kingdom has protected its identity while progressing with the world. Compassion is a way of life in Bhutan, and it extends to the protection of nature and sustainability. Six Senses Bhutan shares these values and has become an integral part of the local fabric.”

Six Senses Duxton

Six Senses Duxton (above), located in historic Tanjong Pagar in the Chinatown area of Singapore, is a new city hotel with an emphasis on authenticity, community, and sustainability. It also has a unique wellness focus, with access to community-based wellness activities, including neighborhood and nature discovery walking tours, fitness classes through neighborhood partners, and workshops on the art of crafting artisanal coffee and appreciating Chinese teas.

Acclaimed TCM physician and professor Zhang Mao Ji of Long Zhong Tang offers consultations and a medicinal herbal dispensary. Guests receive a localized Wellness Bag that includes traditional Chinese herbal Po Chai pills to help relieve gastric ailments, Tiger Balm for relieving everything from headaches to stuffy noses and insect bites, brain teaser toys and puzzles, an adult coloring card and pencils, soothing nutmeg oil for muscle aches, a reusable cotton tote bag, and the Six Senses Little Book of Wellness. Says Six Senses CEO Neil Jacobs, “Six Senses Duxton aims not only to deliver a five-star luxury hotel experience but also to actively improve the surrounding neighborhood and natural environment as we do so.”


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