Three Reasons to Try Crystal-Inspired Services

Here's why you need to bring crystals into your spa. // Photography: Getty Images (Getty Images)

Want to introduce crystals into your spa? Our experts share some ideas for incorporating crystals into your treatments and beyond.

“Some great ways to add crystals into a spa setting are to incorporate them into signature treatments, as luxury add-ons, or placed around a treatment room. We have spa clients who promote the usage of our products and offer something like the Crystal Love Experience, with a full sugar scrub treatment and massage. They have set up a cart with crystals so that it offers pure decadence to their patrons. Luxury add-ons can include soaking a patron’s hands or feet in water with crystal-infused bath salts before a manicure or pedicure, followed by a light application of the matching serum. Who doesn’t want to feel like royalty and be doused in gemstones? Additionally, beautiful clusters of crystals or large pieces are a great way to add to the beauty of a treatment room as well as offering the energetic properties that the crystal offers.”
—Andrea S. Barone, founder, Crystal Hills

“The relaxing benefits of crystals fit nicely with any type of bodywork, like massage. The aforementioned skincare benefits of crystals are also a lovely addition to any type of facial service. Lastly, crystal products themselves, including crystal jewelry, make for great retail, take-home products, and gifts.”
—Thalia A. Walkup, business development manager, Body Bliss 

“I believe there are endless possibilities and ways to incorporate crystals, as we are naturally in harmony and resonance with stones. We use crystals in facials for facial massage but also for chakra balancing, reflexology, massage, manicures, and pedicures. I also love bathing with crystals.”
—Kristin Petrovich, cofounder, Själ Skincare


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