The Woodhouse Day Spa Encourages Relaxation with #RelaxAmerica Campaign

Photo Credit: Getty Images/iStock/ tanjichica7

This holiday season, The Woodhouse Day Spa (multiple locations) is encouraging Americans to give the gift of self-care. In an attempt to combat the nation’s stress levels, The Woodhouse Day Spa has introduced its #RelaxAmerica campaign. During the month of December, unique stress-busting treatments will be incorporated into the spa’s menu. 

“With all the stress that’s out there, we’re saying to America, take a moment for yourself,” says Jeni Garrett, CEO of The Woodhouse Day Spa. “Slow down, breathe, and let us take care of you. The holiday season can add a layer of festive stress to their already busy lives. We are an escape and if we can make each guest’s life a little calmer, more relaxed to enjoy the season with their loved ones, then that’s our mission.”

To chill out during this chilly season, guests will have a choice of four seasonal packages. 



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  • All is Calm ($350) features a luxurious Woodhouse Signature Minkyti Facial (80 min), a Warm Spiced Mud Wrap (50 min), and a Lavender and Seaweed Sugar Scrub Pedicure (50 minutes). 
  • The Tranquility ($220) treatment includes a Therapeutic Stone Massage (50 min) and an Illuminating Facial (50 min).
  • The Relax Minnesota ($190) treatment includes a Swedish Massage (50 min) and a Soothe and Strengthen Facial (50 min). 
  • To achieve ultimate zen, Relax and Unwind ($450) combines The Woodhouse Escape (110 min) with The Woodhouse Hydrafacial (80 min).

With more than 3 million people visiting The Woodhouse Day Spa each year, The Woodhouse Day Spa was voted as this year’s Professional Choice Award Favorite Day Spa. Going into 2020, The Woodhouse Day Spa will have established 70 spa locations and have 14 in development. 

“Guests always come first,” said Garrett. “The reason we exist is to offer a transformative experience.” 


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