Editor's Take on Eyelash Extensions

Extensions, for lashes and locks, were among the beauty trends I thought I would side step. The results were remarkable from what I could see on others, but they always seemed like a step above the maintenance level I was comfortable with. That is until I had an opportunity to visit master eye stylist Christian Zamora at his eponymous studio in the NoMad neighborhood of New York City. His focus and philosophy is in the art of lashing, which appealed to me, and he uses Borboleta Beauty lashes, which are known for their high education and quality standards. I came in with a slight fear of emerging with spider-like lashes or worse, lids glued together, but those quickly faded away. After a consult, I was eager to lie back and extend my horizons, or at leash my lash line. Zamora determined my personal lash style by running through a few questions about my makeup routine and specifically how I apply my mascara. He asked me to describe how many times I dip the mascara wand back in the tube and how many coats I apply, and based on my answers I was definitely a volume gal. He set to work and about 2 hours later—yes it is a time-consuming process—I sat up, blinked, and was instantly in awe of my voluminous lashes.

The lengthy appointment means it's important for clients to know what to expect and be comfortable with the lash artist at your spa. I got exactly what I had hoped for with Zamora, who placed a variety of lengths of curled extensions from Borboleta Beauty on each of my own natural lashes, making the fringe look darker, better defining the lash line, and adding a bit of length. It was such a natural look, that a month later after a refill appointment, I have a hard time remembering what my old natural lashes looked like. My close friends and family noticed something was different, but I basically look like I've applied mascara and liner 24/7. Even better, his tips on lash care, what products to use or not use, and what tools to use were vital for this extension newbie. Borboleta's synthetic lashes and adhesive have kept up with my active lifestyle, so no extra maintenance after all.

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