Four Services That Attract Men to Spas

While men are no strangers to spa, their needs differ from those of women. // Photography: Getty Images

While men are no strangers to spa, their needs differ from those of women. Here, we asked some experts in the male grooming industry about the products and treatments that men are most attracted to in today’s spa:

Why is hair removal a popular service for men today?

“More men are removing hair from their backs than ever before, and many are removing hair from the entire body, especially during summer. Men do not tolerate heat, especially in a three-piece suit or while working outside. Removing body hair quickly with long-lasting results helps more than you think.”—Normajean Fusco, owner and president, Equibal Labs

What treatments do millennial male customers desire most?

“Younger men are definitely interested in salon-type treatments—beard-grooming treatments, hair removal, manicures, and pedicures.”—Mike Bruggeman, CEO, Organic Male OM4

Why are solution-based treatments a good way to attract men?

“As the male mindset changes, men are more receptive to treatments beyond body massages. I think guys are having more cosmetic procedures, like Botox or chemical peels. They just don’t discuss it as women do. In my opinion, men are solution-oriented, so services and products to address concerns like sensitive skin and sore muscles are an easier sell than just pampering.”—Pamela Friedman, president and CEO, CV Skinlabs

What products are most attractive to male spa-goers?

“Products that serve a dual purpose and simplify the overall process of skincare tend to be the most popular. For instance, cleansing pads tend to be popular for men on the go or avid gym-goers. Men are also looking for products that deliver UV protection, rejuvenation, and reinvigorate the senses all in one package. On that note, men tend to be drawn to products and treatments that provide a reinvigorating sensation.” —Shannon Esau, CEO and national educator, Rhonda Allison Cosmeceuticals


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