What to Say to Make Men Comfortable in Your Spa

The first visit to a spa can either turn men off to the experience or make them excited about returning.

It’s important to make men feel welcome and comfortable when they visit a spa, as their first visit can either turn them off to the experience or make them excited about returning. Mike Bruggeman, CEO of Organic Male OM4, is here with some insight on how to talk to male clients. He believes that there are two types of men to cater language and market to: traditional men and the new spa male demographic, which is more comfortable with gender neutral and will become even more so over time.

“Younger men really care about their appearance and are interested in learning,” says Bruggeman. “I often hear treatment providers say, ‘He just wants to go to sleep and relax during his facial.’ I often believe that is because estheticians do not see that many male guests are uncomfortable conversing with them about their concerns and desire to understand. Asking him, ‘What are the top three concerns you would like to work on today,’ will get you nothing.”

Bruggeman believes it’s all about setting the stage in the first few moments of the treatment. Here, he offers a good example of an effective introduction:


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Hi Tom, my name is Susan (shake his hand). Let’s start with you telling me a little bit about how you shave/trim your beard or about your grooming routine. (Then work around what he is telling you about his beard care or shaving routine.)

Do you wash your face before you shave? What do you use? How about a moisturizer or SPF after shaving? Any other products you use or like?

I am your best practice grooming guide for the next 50 minutes. My job is to answer any questions you might have about men’s grooming. Here is what you can expect…

I will briefly explain each step in your treatment. However, I am going to allow you to control the conversation. I find most men want to know how to take care of their appearance, so please ask questions at any time. There is a reason for each step in your treatment today, and I am happy to explain why it is important to male versus female skin.

Any questions before we begin? Let’s get started.


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