Four Simple Ways to Promote Your Spa's Salt Services

Four Simple Ways to Promote Your Spa's Salt Services // Photo Credit: JuliaKa/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Adding a salt room or salt therapy is a relatively inexpensive way to enhance a client’s visit, but it’s important to educate clients about your spa’s salt offerings as well as their benefits. Here are a few ways to help promote these services:

  1. Offer a Complimentary Service: “The best way to promote halotherapy to existing clients is to simply let them try it for free for just 10 to 15 minutes,” says Global Halotherapy Solutions's CEO Steve Spiro. “Guests will quickly see how longer and more frequent sessions will both help existing respiratory or skin issues they may have and also serve as a great preventive solution to avoid or reduce the effects of allergy season and flu season.”
  2. Partner with Local Businesses: “A number of our customers have done a great job partnering with local community pulmonologists, dermatologists, and holistic wellness practitioners to get referrals from them,” says Spiro.
  3. Educate the Staff: “It is important the staff be educated and trained in the fundamentals of salt therapy—its history, how and why it works, and who benefits,” says Salt Chamber founder and CEO, Leo Tonkin.
  4. Display Information Cards Throughout: “The Salt Therapy Association has 22 informational education cards that can be displayed at the reception area or in relaxation and treatment rooms,” says Tonkin. “Some resort, destination, and hotel spas include some of the materials in their guest rooms. Many spas have special announcements, press releases, and social media campaigns promoting the addition and/or opening of their salt rooms. Many spas have information included in their menu of services and signage in their spas. Some spas have podcasts and custom soundtracks that have a brief introduction to salt therapy that they provide, and some spas provide mini-webinars and presentations about salt therapy inside the salt room.”


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