Get in the Halloween Spirit with These Three Nail Designs

Try these step by step nail designs from Zoya to get festive Halloween nails // Photo by Kikovic/iStock/Getty Images Plus

While it may not feel like it, fall is in full swing, October is coming to a close, and Halloween is just around the corner. When clients are coming in for their manicures this week, try suggesting something festive instead of their usual dark, fall-transition colors. Natural nailcare brand Zoya gave American Spa some step-by-step, how-to tips to give clients a vampy glam, spooky, or bewitched manicure.

Vampy Glam:

1. Paint a base of Sooki on each nail and let dry completely.
2. Paint horizontal stripes of Sooki, Claire and Raven on a makeup sponge and lightly dab on the nail.
3. If needed, repeat this step to deepen the colors and smooth out the gradient.
4. Let dry slightly, then apply top coat and clean up any polish that may have gotten on your client's skin.



1. Prep nails using Remove + and apply Anchor Base.
2. Paint all nails except one accent nail using Raven. Use Purity for the accent nail.
3. Choose which nails you want to stripe. Once the base is completely dry, take a thin striping brush and create four or five thin lines vertically down the nail with Purity.
4. For Jack (Skellington)'s face: Create two dots for the eyes using a dotting tool and drag down a bit to make them large ovals. Create two small lines for the nostrils. Next, draw a smile line from one edge of the nail to the other. Finally, make vertical lines on the mouth for the stitches.
5. Once the accent nails are mostly dry, seal in the festive new look with Armor Top Coat.


1. Paint two coats of Dhara on the desired accent nail(s) and paint the remaining nails with Carter – let dry completely in between coats.
2. Tape off an angled tip or use a thin brush to outline the lines.
3. Fill in the tips with one to two coats of Dahlia – while still slightly wet, remove the tape if used.

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