Medi Pedi NYC Recommends Medical Pedicures for Athletes

Medical pedicures at Medi Pedi NYC focus specifically on feet and nail health. Photo credit: Medi Pedi NYC

When it comes to feet, athletes are used to pushing through the pain, whether they’re afflicted with an ingrown toenail, a bunion, corns, or athlete’s foot. However, according to Marcela Correa, founder of Medi Pedi NYC and a licensed professional medical pedicurist with more than 15 years of experience, there’s a simple solution: the medical pedicure. While most pedicures today tend to focus on aesthetics, the medical pedicures at Medi Pedi NYC focus specifically on feet and nail health. Each procedure is customized to each client and is performed using medical grade equipment. “"Foot health is the most important thing for an athlete's success, and having healthy, pain-free feet determines the quality of their performance," says Correa. "I see many athletes that struggle with problematic alignments that could be easily fixed and prevent the issue from worsening. To help combat this, a pedicure that is more focused on foot health, than foot aesthetic, makes all the difference in the quality of the workout."


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