Step-By-Step: The Celestial Black Diamond Nonsurgical Face Lift at the Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta Spa

The treatment includes black diamond microspheres to help exfoliate, lift, and brighten the skin. Photo credit: SeventyFour/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend— especially when they’re incorporated into a luxe facial treatment like the Celestial Black Diamond Nonsurgical Face Lift. Developed by 111SKIN, the 90-minute treatment follows a protocol that combines black diamond microspheres with ingredients including retinol and collagen stimulators to exfoliate, lift, and brighten the skin. “It really is the crème de la crème of our facial offerings, and we’re the only spa in Georgia to offer the treatment,” says Katherine Smart, lead esthetician at the Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta Spa. “Clients can get the results of a medi-clinical facial treatment without sacrificing the luxury and pampering you would expect from a Four Seasons Spa property.”  

Since this treatment involves more than 70 steps, Smart shares these seven 111SKIN “pillars” that categorize each phase of the experience:  

  1. Double Clinical Cleanse. “First, we select cleansers such as the Intensive Vitamin C Cleanser that are appropriate for the skin we are treating,” she says. “Then, we gently remove all impurities to ensure that skin is clean and ready for treatment.” 

  1. Clinical Exfoliation. “Using a clinical-grade peel, we choose the appropriate method of exfoliation with the right percentages of alpha hydroxy acids,” says Smart. “Basically, this is an intensive treatment for removing dead skin layers and allows the skin to absorb what comes next without any barriers.” 

  1. Essence Infusion. “A staple pillar in most 111SKIN treatments, this is the phase where a custom-made mask soaked in a blend of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties is applied to help create microchannels in the skin for better absorption of products,” she says. 

  1. Wrinkle Minimizing Wand Massage. “Using a special tool, I like to say that I ‘detail’ the skin during this phase,” says Smart. “This is a really specific massage that is used on expression areas of the skin—such as in between the brows and nasolabial folds—to reduce lines and wrinkles. It feels like heaven, and many of my clients drift away at this point of the treatment.” 

  1. Signature Massage. “Next up, this massage moves from the shoulders up to the scalp and promotes lymphatic drainage, firming, and circulation,” she adds. 

  1. Master Masking. “111SKIN is known for its masks, and in this phase of the treatment, I choose a custom-designed mask for the top half of the face, the bottom half of the face, the neck, the décolleté, and the eye area,” says Smart. “These masks might include the Black Diamond Lifting and Firming Mask and/or the Rose Gold Brightening Mask.” 

  1. Finish. “To complete the treatment, I follow several steps including using booster serums and emulsions to lock in all of the goodness we’ve infused,” she says. “I also provide a detailed recommendation of how to maintain the results in between treatments with the best 111SKIN products for home.” 


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