The New JetPeel Facial is All Gain, No Pain

There’s a new facial on the market and it can deliver results with little pain and downtime. The JetPeel Facial is one of the latest breakthroughs in esthetic skincare. By draining, exfoliating, and infusing vitamins into the skin, the new non-invasive treatment comes with many benefits, including wrinkle reduction, skin rejuvenation, and dark circle reduction. 

In terms of the technology, the JetPeel facial is a breakthrough that allows practitioners to administer a range of non-invasive, relaxing treatments. The treatment, which lasts about 45 minutes, is done in three steps; starting with lymphatic drainage, followed by exfoliation, and finishing with an infusion of active ingredients. Using the patented hand-piece nozzles, the practitioner can penetrate significantly deeper into the skin to the hypodermis level. The nozzles “enable penetration down to the dermal layer of skin to deliver a customized infusion of bioactive skin nutrients to address a multitude of skin condition,” says Ari Marom, founder of NY Laser Outlet and NYLO Aesthetics, distributors of JetPeel.

Although it may sound painful, the facial is a completely pain-free and needle-free alternative to more invasive treatments. “JetPeel technology offers medical and aesthetic providers the ability to deliver innovative standalone treatments, or to enhance results and healing following surgery and other non-invasive treatments, with no downtime and no pain," says Marom. 

Depending on the client’s skin type and desired results, different formulas of active ingredients for the infusion stage are recommended to improve the elasticity, radiance, and beauty of the skin. The active ingredients include hyaluronic acid, vitamins A and E, vitamin B5, vitamin C, and glycolic acid. JetPeel treatments range in price from $250-$450. For more information on the JetPeel Facial, visit the NY Laser Outlet website here


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