See it Live: Nadia's Needle Free Transformation Facial

Nadia Dekhkanova performs her signature Nadia's Needle Free Transformation facial at TriBeCa Beauty Spa for American Spa.

Nadia Dekhkanova came to the U.S. over 25 years ago and has been an esthetician since before her stateside arrival. When she came to New York City, she worked at only a few spas before settling down at TriBeCa Beauty Spa, where the front door also reads "Skincare by Nadia." The spa offers a variety of features, including manicure and pedicure stations, a sauna, a private event space, and more. The spa's signature treatment, however, is Nadia's Needle Free Transformation facial, which her clients call "a face lift without the face lift." Nadia gave American Spa the abridged version of the 90 minute service which features microdermabrasion, supersonic, ultrasonic, microcurrent or oxygen, and more. Watch below as our associate editor Sam's skin gets the VIP treatment, while our managing editor Natalie narrates and asks your questions.

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