Amangiri Launches Restorative Sleep Retreat

Amangiri in Canyon Point, UT, is hosting its new Restorative Sleep Retreat from Dec. 16-19, 2020. Created for those seeking improved sleep through reconnecting with the mind, body, and soul, this program utilizes a science-based approach developed by certified Sleep Specialist Dr. Micheal Breus and combines his knowledge with Aman’s long history of innovation in wellness, in one of the world’s most secluded settings.

Pre-retreat, guests will have a pre-arrival assessment and one-on-one interview with Breus, in which they will be assigned a Chrono-type (“Bear,” “Lion,” “Wolf,” or “Dolphin”), a genetically pre-determined sleep schedule, which will serve as the basis for the rest of the retreat. The experience will begin with a special dinner featuring “sleep-friendly” ingredients, and the following days will be filled with a personalized schedule presented to each guest every morning. Activities & experiences include a daily personalized, practitioner-led wake-up routine; daily 60-minute morning yoga classes; therapeutic cold-water plunges; informative sessions and lectures covering topics such as sleep genetics and creating the perfect sleep environment; free time to explore the soul-soothing wilderness of Amangiri; and more,


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