Functional Botanicals Provides Sustainable Solution for Spas

The biodegradable bamboo tablets are infused with organic essential oils to help reduce laundry and labor costs. Photo credit: Functional Botanicals

Functional Botanicals released biodegradable bamboo tablets that are infused with organic essential oils, perfect for use in a spa environment to reduce laundry and labor. The dry wipe concept resonates with spa directors concerned with the environmental implications of disposable PPE and toxic disinfectants. It is an alternative to the laundry-intensive washcloths. Essential Wipes are all-natural with no alcohol or preservatives, and completely biodegradable.

The castile soap in the Essential Wipes Plus features an aromatherapy blend of copaiba, lavender, ylang ylang, niouli, and palo santo, and rose and frankincense in Luna Wipes. The soap-infused dry wipes help clean and disinfect. Tablets expand to a full-size aromatic cleansing towelette with an ounce of hot or cold water. "I saw a great opportunity in supporting the hospitality, spa and wellness industries - where I spent the bulk of my professional life," says Cortney Devlin Olmstead, co-owner of Functional Botanicals. "I have always been drawn to convenient products that are environmentally conscious and can serve many needs. The sweet spot for our business is providing this amenity and marketing asset through private label, as we can customize the logo, essential oil, and soap blend right through to packaging to support any client."

Functional Botanicals has created a demo video and other useful marketing tools. Programs for amenities, retail and in-room, are clearly outlined for spa directors.


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