Get Your DNA Deets at the California Health & Longevity Institute

Guests can now take advantage of genetic screenings at California Health & Longevity Institute. // Photo courtesy of CHLI (No)

While 23andMe, Genos, and Veritas are providing insight into an individual’s genetic makeup, the California Health & Longevity Institute (CHLI) located at Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village is taking it to a new level. CHLI recently debuted its Genetic Wellness Program (starting at $3,400), which offers genetic screenings in cardiology, cancer, nutrition and fitness, telomere length, and pharmacogenetics. Created by Terry M. Schaack, M.D., and Jonathan R. Cole, M.D., cofounders and medical directors of CHLI, the program focuses on the five categories, because the potential genetic information discovered is actionable, and participants can enact specific recommendations based on the results.

Testing identifies increased risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease, assesses micronutrient absorption, individualized metabolism of medications, and more. Those who book the Genetic Wellness Package (starting at $7,500) enjoy overnight accommodations in a deluxe room, two comprehensive health assessments at CHLI, two types of genetics testing of their choice, two 50-minute Tranquility Massages, daily breakfast for two, and a follow-up consultation following the results.

“As the trend of wellbeing continues to evolve, we are seeing guests place more value on health than on material objects,” says Robert Cima, regional vice president and general manager of Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village. “Health has become the new form of luxury. And knowledge pertaining to one’s health can be life changing.”


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