Golf Your Way to Wellness at Mexico's Chablé Resort

Wellness Golf adds a spiritual dimension to the game. // Photography: Getty Images (Getty Images )

Encouraging a relaxed approach to the “game of life,” Chablé Resort (Chocholá, Mexico), recently debuted its Wellness Golf program, which involves players connecting to the game on a spiritual, emotional, and environmental level.

Created by award-winning architect Agustín Pizá, the concept is designed to put players back in touch with nature. In fact, guests are encouraged to play barefoot, begin and end a round at any point on the course, and take part in other unconventional laid-back rules of play. Surrounded by a lush Mayan forest, the professionally designed course features nine tee boxes spanning up to 200 yards in distance and four unique greens with two or three pins and multiple hazards.

“The idea behind Wellness Golf was to create space at Chablé for guests to further connect with the natural elements while enjoying one of the most popular pastimes in the world,” says general manager Rocco Bova. “The grass sculpture by Pizá Golf offers guests the perfect environment to enjoy a game of golf with individual wellness at the forefront.”


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