How to Practice Mindfulness on Your Honeymoon

Here's how to practice wellness on your honeymoon. // Photo via Shutterstock

Start your happily-ever-after with a honeymoon that stimulates your mind, body, and soul. As you leave the stress of wedding planning behind, you’ll want to take full advantage of this chance at rest and relaxation. 

Practicing mindfulness on your honeymoon will have you soak in each and every moment with your partner. Mindfulness is the act of living in the present moment, and being completely aware of the here and now. Practicing mindfulness means engaging with the world around you to lower stress and anxiety and be fulfilled by the here and now. 

Wondering how you can practice mindfulness on your honeymoon, mini moon, or vacation? Here are some tips: 

Pack Light

When packing for your honeymoon, embrace minimalism to reduce stress and decision fatigue. If you bring too many outfits to choose from, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed on arrival of what to wear each day. Try packing individual outfits in small plastic bags and labeling which day you’ll wear them. The less decisions you have to make each day of your honeymoon, the less anxiety you’ll feel. 


Your honeymoon is the perfect time to stop scrolling and silence alerts on your phone. This vacation is all about connecting deeper with your new spouse, so get away from that addictive screen and start being present. If you think you need your phone to get around in a foreign place, think again: people have been using paper maps for centuries to find their way (although it is a good idea to have a phone in your backpack, powered off, just in case of an emergency).  


Meditation is powerful, and if you aren’t already practicing, your honeymoon is a great time to start. Dedicate time each morning and evening to practicing mindfulness and connecting thoughts to breath. A quick 10 minute session is all you need, and you can follow a guide, use an app, or simply set an alarm to start practicing. If you prefer connecting your meditation with exercise, try yoga classes with your spouse during your stay. 

Reconnect with Nature 

Getting outside to enjoy nature brings positive emotions, which in turn calms our nervous system. Viewing nature together also increases our trust, cooperation, and closeness with others–which makes reconnecting with nature a great honeymoon activity to do with your new spouse. When deciding where to go on your honeymoon, choose a spot that lets you get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you choose to connect with nature in big or small ways, there are plenty of honeymoon activities that let you enjoy the fresh air. If you are staying near water, consider booking a sunset cruise for a romantic evening. If your destination has mountains, you’ll have plenty of beautiful hikes, trails, and swimming holes to explore. Even metropolitan destinations have urban gardens or stunning rooftop views to take in.

Book a Spa Appointment

Your honeymoon is the perfect time to treat yourself to luxurious activities that bring joy. Booking a spa appointment is one great way to indulge and bond with your partner. To cut down on costs, you can add your spa appointment to your honeymoon registry and let your wedding guests treat you to the experience.

Learn Something New Together

A great way to expand your perspective and bond with your partner is learning something new together. Studies have shown that doing new activities is connected to an increase in passion and relationship quality between couples. There are tons of activities you can participate in, such as expanding your recipe book at a cooking class to get a taste of local cuisine, or taking dance lessons to learn the rhythm of your destination. If you are staying near water, try snorkeling or diving and learn how to identify local marine and plant life while you swim.

Write Memories Down

Keep a journal with you during the trip so you can write memories down while they are still fresh in your mind. At nighttime, spend 10 minutes jotting down your favorite moments from the day. What was something new you learned? When did you feel most at peace? What is something you are grateful for? Taking time to remember your day and practice gratitude will help you appreciate the little moments, and then you will always have a journal full of memories of your first adventure with your newlywed. 

Practicing mindfulness allows you to abandon stress and embrace the moment. You’ll return home from your honeymoon energized and grateful for the newest, and biggest, journey of all: marriage.



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