Mii Amo Offers Mii Time Virtual Series

Photo credit: Mii amo

Mii amo (Sedona, AZ) announced a “Mii Time” virtual series for 2021, which includes meditations, mindfulness presentations, live sessions, and private consultations led by resort experts. “Mii Time is your time to focus on yourself, whether it’s listening to one of the many meditations or programs, participating in a private consultation, or viewing a live session,” says Jim Root, general manager of Mii Amo. “The magic of Mii amo has always been about taking the spirit of the canyon home with you, and these expanded offerings are one more connection and opportunity to stay connected as Mii amo is on its journey of renewal and expansion.”

The New Moon session, which took place on March 12, represented new beginnings with a guided meditation that allowed guests to connect with the new moon’s energy. The ceremony also included writing down intentions, visions of what guests want to create and experience in their life, reflecting, and a closing meditation to help bring guests' desires and intentions to fruition.

The Full Moon session, which takes place March 26, shares what the full moon represents and includes a guided meditation to connect with the moon’s energy then a ritual of guests writing down what they want to let go of in their lives. It concludes with a meditation.

The Mii Time series will also include live sessions focused on:

  • Juicing & Smoothies
  • Labyrinth Meditation
  • Prayer Arrows
  • Summer Solstice Ceremony
  • Flute Meditation
  • Canyon Bathing
  • Journey of Teas
  • Cooking

The meditations, mindfulness presentations and live sessions in the Mii Time series can be viewed at: https://www.miiamo.com/mii-time-live/


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