Turn Intention Into Action at Mii Amo Destination Spa

Mii amo
Guests at Mii amo can launch their intentions into the universe with self-made prayer arrows. // Photo via Mii Amo

With the New Year comes a renewed commitment for self-improvement. Wanting to give guests a transformational experience, Mii amo, a Destination Spa (Sedona, AZ) recently introduced a new seasonal wellness class, Intentions Into Actions ($210, 60 minutes), which is complimentary for Mii amo guests. This workshop pairs guests with members of the spa’s Mindfulness Team to set intentions for 2020.

Guests can also take part in Prayer Arrow-making ($20, 90 minutes), which involves creating arrows of focused intention, using rice paper, a willow stick, naturally spun Navajo churro sheep yarn, goose feathers, sage and lavender sprigs, and various crystals, to manifest dreams and desires. It, too, is complimentary to spa guests, who then launch them into the universe, as a symbolic gesture to reinforce their purpose.

“The magic of Mii amo is taking home the inspirations and awareness gained during our guests’ stay to incorporate them in their daily lives,” says general manager Jim Root. “Prayer Arrow-making is another opportunity to express and hold intentions, gratitude, and appreciation for yourself and loved ones upon return.”


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