Nine Doctor-Approved Tips for Combatting Work Day Stress

Nine tips to combatting work place stress // Photo credit: grinvalds/iStock/Getty Images Plus

As a doctor, I frequently get asked by clients how they can feel less stressed through out the work day. Feeling stress is normal during the day, but there are many healthy ways to take the edge off. If you or a client is experiencing high levels of stress, try using several of these proven techniques for relaxation.

  1. Eat light meals. Digestion is one of the most intense functions of the body. By easting light meals like soups and stews, lightly steamed veggies, and some fruit you won’t end up in a food coma later.
  2. Use breathing techniques to energize your body. I like either the in "four hold seven, release eight" technique taught to me by my mentor Andrew Weil, M.D., or alternate nose breathing.
  3. Take small walks to create circulation of blood and release some endorphins to keep you up.
  4. Open a window and get fresh air.
  5. Listen to some relaxing music to keep you chilled out. If you're in a shared office space, use earphones so you don’t keep your office mates annoyed and can focus on the music.
  6. Smell some peppermint essential oils or grapefruit to lift your mood. These smells have demonstrated efficacy in fighting fatigue and warding off headaches.
  7. Make sure you are in bright light so you don’t fall asleep. If your desk isn’t by a window get some sunlight to help keep your circadian rhythm in synch.
  8. If you do feel like you’re going to fall on your face, try some matcha which induces an alert state of calm or white tea which has only about 20mg of caffeine. But remember, anything after 3:00 pm may keep you awake.
  9. Expose your eyes to sunrise and sunset light without glasses to ensure you will get regular sleep and make more melatonin and serotonin—the feel good hormones.

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