Secrets from the Treatment Room: Forgotten Facial

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Welcome to Secrets from the Treatment Room, where spa professionals and industry insiders share some of their most memorable spa experiences. Here, find out what happened when one spa-goer had a treatment with a forgetful facialist.

"I was looking so forward to my facial and massage at the resort I was staying at in the Dominican Republic. I was greeted by the esthetician/massage therapist who whisked me into the treatment room and begun the massage. There was blaring house music being played which I found very odd but went with it, as did she. I’ve never experienced such a thing as she massaged me to the beat of the music! It was the longest, least relaxing massage ever! Plus, the "facial" consisted of what felt like a two-second cleanse and a mask slapped on. She left the room, and about 30 minutes later I got up, rinsed the mask off, found some moisturizer to put on, and left the room to see her standing at the checkout desk talking and laughing with her colleagues! She looked very surprised and said “Oh.... I forgot you were in there,” which I had already assumed."—Maria Benson, owner and esthetician, Body+Sole Spa Therapies (Glastonbury, CT).

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