Secrets from the Treatment Room: Millennial Mayhem

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"I recently visited the new, trendy day spa in town. You know the kind, it offers a clean design that looks fabulous on Instagram feeds. I assume the spa mostly attracts millennial spa-goers with its range of chic services, including a café that serves matcha lattes. My experience began when I drank a jasmine tea concoction (with almond milk, of course) and headed back the massage rooms, which were massage tables surrounded by heavy curtains. As I undressed, trying to avoid the crack in the curtains, loud rap music blasted from a speaker above me. At this point, I realized that no amount of jasmine tea was going to relax me. During the massage the loud music was punctuated with the sounds of doors slamming. The massage experience was therapeutic, but the ambiance left me with a headache." – Anonymous


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