Secrets from the Treatment Room: Mayan Magic

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“Having been invited to tour a new luxury resort in Mexico’s Riviera Maya, I was particularly excited to experience a spa treatment in their new facility— one said to be designed as the hotel’s centerpiece celebrating Mayan culture— and chose their ‘Mayan-Inspired Indulgence’ massage treatment. The massage began like most others, though about halfway through, I could feel something almost like a faint breeze drifting over my body. I opened my eyes a bit to see what was going on and was treated to a glimpse of the therapist waving a thin stick with a feather tethered to one end over me. Apparently the ‘Mayan wand’ I was being blessed with was a cat toy, the same as one might find at a local Walmart. Stifling a laugh, I squeezed my eyes shut, waited for the ‘Mayan’ blessing portion of the massage to be over, and thanked my lucky stars I didn’t have any other culture-centric treatments planned for the rest of my stay!”—Gina Samarotto, editor in chief, Private Air

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