Sha Wellness Clinic Wants to Help You Focus on Your Brain Health

Guests at Sha can make brain health a priority. // Photo courtesy of Sha Wellness Clinic (No)

As people live longer, brain health is becoming increasingly important. Recognizing the relevance of cognitive function to overall health and well-being, Sha Wellness Clinic (Alicante, Spain) recently introduced Cerebral Photobiomodulation (45 minutes), a pioneering painless and non-invasive cognitive stimulation therapy, and Transcranial Electrical Stimulation (45 minutes), which was developed at Harvard University for the purpose of analyzing, diagnosing, and treating neurological disorders, such as depression, chronic pain, sleep disorders, strokes, addiction, and more. Relying on the latest advances in neuroscience, the spa’s Cognitive Unit uses these new technologies to enhance cognitive function.

Brain photomodulation incorporates light diodes that apply infrared light of different wavelengths to different areas of the brain, increasing oxygenation of the brain cells, stimulating and repairing cellular synthesis, and leading to an increase of energy. Transcranial Current Stimulation applies current to a select area of the brain using negative-positive electrodes. Spa-goers don a comfortable and wireless transcranial helmet equipped with Bluetooth and up to 39 electrodes that read and modulate brain activity in real time. Such innovative and high-tech offerings are sure to keep spa-goers thinking clearly.

For more info on the brain health treatments available at Sha Wellness Clinic, click here.


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