A Light Evolution: LED Light Can Treat More Than Just the Skin

Photography: Getty images

As LED light technology advances, medical spa professionals are finding that light can do more than just help heal acne and promote collagen production. Celluma’s Denise Ryan says that experiments are being performed with light to treat complications from breast augmentations, including capsular contracture, which is scar tissue around the breast implant after it is placed. Moving beyond medical spas, LED light may also be able to treat Alzheimer’s disease.

A study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that when mice were exposed to strobe lights, their brains blocked the buildup of the beta amyloid protein, which when allowed to accumulate, causes memory loss. However, Refresh Dermatology’s Suneel Chilukuri doesn’t see LED light as a universal healer. “Some clinics are trying to treat loose skin and even cellulite with low-level light,” he says. “I have not seen much success for these conditions with LED.” 


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