Top Health & Wellness Trends of 2021

At-home fitness is expected to continue to be popular in 2021. // Photo Credit: andresr/iStock/Getty Images

Despite the pandemic—or perhaps because of it—health and wellness have been top-of-mind for the majority of the population this year. This mentality is likely to carry onto the next year, and it will be especially interesting to see how the events of 2020 will impact the trends of 2021. 

For instance, according to Roland Radu, founder of Natreve, sleep health will be a major point of interest and concern. “If you’re sleeping alone more now than ever, have needed to move to a different bed during the pandemic, are working from bed or have adapted an off rhythm (circadian rhythm that is) routine, your sleep was more than likely affected this year,” says Radu. “2021 will be the year to really understand the restorative benefits of and the deep need for rest.” Radu anticipates that sleep support products and supplements that help build immunity will be particularly in-demand. He mentioned that products that consist of mental health-supportive will be sought-after as well to deal with increasing levels of stress.

Radu also notes that individuals have become increasingly concerned about curating a healthy diet for themselves and their families. The International Food Information Council’s 2020 Food & Health survey found that not only do 54 percent of consumers care more about healthy food choices in 2020 than they did a decade ago, but 28 percent of Americans consume more plant-based protein than they did in 2019, 24% eat more plant-based dairy, and 17% seek out more plant-based meat alternatives, indicating to a trend toward focusing on immune supportive, plant-based foods.

In fact, Seth Goldman, CEO of UrbanStems, predicts that plants will have a significant presence in other aspects of wellness as well due to their renowned healing properties. “Flowers and plants work as an instant mood booster and can help reduce stress and anxiety,” says Goldman. “They aid relaxation and increase levels of positive energy. They also increase humidity which can improve common health complaints such as sore throat, common colds, dry cough, and dry itchy skin.” Goldman also says that fresh flowers are in-demand because the plants can add a sense of calm and focus to the at-home workspaces that have become so common during this age of remote working and learning.

At-home fitness was also on the rise in 2020, and Radu does not see that phenomenon abating anytime soon. Personal fitness equipment, virtual exercise classes, guided walks, and other such socially distanced physical activity is sure to maintain popularity in the next year. Overall, Radu believes that wellness in 2021 will be about reconnecting with the outdoors as well as friends and family. “2021 will be about what consumers do at home, or with less, or simpler, or all of the above, all while being more in line with nature,” says Radu. “Thinking of more ways we can connect with nature and our community, organically and as no-touch as possible.”



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