What You Actually Should Use to Combat Seasonal Allergies

Photo courtesy of Wooden Spoon Herbs

If you’re one of the more than 50 million Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies each year, chances are you have been dealing with a stuffy nose and watery eyes the last few weeks. While everyone is finally welcoming the warmer weather, you’re welcoming tissues and over the counter antihistamines. While conventional remedies like sprays and tablets can help treat allergy symptoms, they don’t actually help your body adapt to the attacking allergens. This is why Lauren Haynes, master herbalist and found of Wooden Spoon Herbs, suggests trying tinctures to get through allergy season.

A tincture is a highly concentrated herbal extract designed to pack a powerful punch against a particular ailment, in this case, allergies. Haynes’ favorite tincture to combat seasonal allergies is Wooden Spoon Herbs’ Allergy Assist, made with wild-harvested herbs grown here in the U.S. 

“Allergy Assist is a blend of antihistamine and immune supporting herbs,” says Haynes. “It features elderberry which is a fantastic immune modulator and high in quercitin, which can help support the allergic response. There's also nettle and goldenrod, which are amazing antihistamines, and goldenrod is a wonderful astringent to dry up a runny nose.”

Haynes recommends taking 1-2 drops of Allergy Assist per day before symptoms develop to ward off that pesky sneezing, runny nose, itching skin, and watery eyes. If Allergy Assist isn’t something you’re interested in, Wooden Spoon Herbs offers 18 different tincture blends to suit a number of physical and mental needs. Other allergy-eliminating tinctures can be found below:

Adaptogen Powder: Supports the entire nervous system. Adaptogens are herbs that may help bodies buffer the negative physiological effects of stress. The leaves, roots, and fungi in this blend are among the finest examples of North American adaptogens.

Cough Compound: This formula may help clear the lungs of stuck congestion, or simply support their health. Use with coughs and colds, or after breathing in dust or mold. Elderberry and sumac promote expectoration, while mullein soothes and maintains healthy lungs.

Immune Zoom: Mushrooms, flowers, berries, and leaves come together to create this delicious and immune supporting elixir.

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