4 Tips to Prevent Over- and Underbooking at Your Spa

Spa management software will monitor your appointment book so you don't have to. // Photo via Shutterstock (Shutterstock)

When employees manually keep track of appointments, it can lead to accidental over- or underbooking and take focus away from doing what they love: making people look and feel their best. No-shows and late cancellations impact the bottom line in most salons and spas, but there is a solution: integrated marketings systems. These systems monitor your appointment book so your practitioners don't have to.

Here are four ways to prevent over- and underbooking with an integrated marketing system from Guy Weismantel, vice president at Zenoti

  1. Automate your schedule. Customers expect to be able to access salon and spa booking options online 24/7. When done right, online booking offers that customer accessibility, as well as automation of the scheduling system for spa and salon employees.
  2. Follow digital best practices. The accessibility of online booking is important, but usability issues like a poor mobile experience can significantly reduce success. An effective system is fast, clear, simple, and personalized.
  3. Make it visual. An integrated scheduling platform isn't helpful if it doesn't make sense. Something as simple as standardizing a color code for your system can aid in managing appointment statuses, indicating different types of services, reflecting membership level, or calling attention to specific types of appointments.
  4. Confirm appointments. If you require your front desk to manually confirm appointments, they're likely spending significant amounts of time calling guests. Confirmation is important, but it can be automated with two-way SMS integration to mitigate no-shows and cancellations.


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