The Comeback Series: LiLash

This series focuses on the many ways that brands are helping the spa industry with the comeback. Photo credit: LiLash

What are five ways in which your brand is helping the spa industry with the comeback?

1. Fantastic Intro Offer: Our introductory offer for new LiLash Pros is affordable and virtually risk-free with bonus product. As part of the intro package, LiLash Pros also get a complimentary marketing kit complete with a point-of-sale shelf display, takeaway cards, and a window decal. From the get-go, LiLash Pros are set up for success and can start generating extra income right away.

2. Education: We provide every LiLash Pro with educational videos and training documents ensuring they feel confident and educated when speaking about both LiLash and LiBrow. LiLash Pros also have the full support of the LiLash sales team to answer any questions or provide additional information or support.


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3. Ongoing Marketing Support: Real users, real results is the foundation of LiLash and is an integral part of our brand messaging. There is nothing more compelling than an amazing before-and-after picture or a referral from a friend. As a brand, we are committed to continuing to grow that brand awareness and drive sales with strong, consistent marketing messages. LiLash Pros can feel confident in knowing they sell a brand that executes a comprehensive year-round marketing program. When a customer comes into a spa or salon, chances are they have already heard of LiLash through our social media, email, print, or online marketing efforts.

4. Social Media Support: Social media has proven to be a powerful platform for LiLash Pros. Now more than ever, it is important for resellers to grow their social media platforms as a way of driving business. LiLash Pros have access to professionally designed social media images to use on their own social platforms. The images are specifically developed for LiLash Pros and have a wide range of images and messaging to choose from to keep their network of clients interested and engaged. Even when LiLash Pros can’t be in the spa or salon, we provide the tools to continue selling LiLash and LiBrow to their clientele and network through social media.

5. Strong Promotional Calendar:Given the impact COVID-19 has had on the professional beauty industry, we added two additional sales for Lilash Pros this year. The sales focused on providing amazing deals to jumpstart LiLash Pros’ businesses as spas and salons began to reopen. Our sales not only give LiLash Pros a lucrative deal, they can then pass that savings onto their clients. Our biggest sale of the year is coming up this holiday season. In addition to offering our best deals of the year, we are launching a new product that is sure to fly off the shelf. Stay tuned for a big announcement coming soon!


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