The Five Most Sought-After Skills in the Spa Industry

Spa Business Education's Five Most Sought-After Skills in the Spa Industry // Credit: yuelan/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Spa Business Education, the global online education training provider, part of the Raison d’Etre group, celebrated its five year anniversary by launching a quest to discover the top five most sought-after managerial skills in the spa and wellness industry. Spa Business Education asked those working in the industry to share the top five areas of work they’d like to improve on, for the chance to win training courses and scholarships. Five lucky winners have won a place on one of Spa Business Education’s independent training course, and a grand prize winner has won a $500 scholarship for the popular Spa Management Online Program.

Having collated the global entries, Spa Business Education has revealed the spa industry’s most desired skills below.

  1. Leadership: Almost all entrants expressed a desire to develop their leadership skills, with concerns about politics within businesses being mentioned. Perhaps the biggest jump to make from spa therapist to spa manager is the delegation of tasks, something the Spa Business Education team see as an essential learning curve.
  2. Marketing & Social Media: In today’s technological climate, marketing and social media are more closely entwined than ever before. Whilst most of us are familiar with social media channels, applying marketing knowledge to these platforms is something many brands and spas struggle with. When used optimally, social media and marketing can come together to create maximum impact.
  3. Recruiting & Retaining: With a global shortage of skilled therapists taking hold of the spa industry, it’s no wonder recruiting and retaining staff ranked highly in sought-after skills. However, searching for good people, identifying key team members, and creating a workplace that encourages longevity in staff are all important skills for spa managers. In fact, the rising demand for spa therapists lead Spa Business Education to launch its individual short courses, helping to upskill therapists globally.
  4. Financial Knowledge & Budgeting: Many naturally skilled spa managers are confident in their personal and leadership skills, yet doubt their ability when it comes to finances and budgeting. With a little more confidence in the financial running of a spa, spa managers can make firm and wise decisions that promote the growth of the business.
  5. Business Planning: With so many smaller details to manage around the spa on a daily basis, it’s easy to forget to pause, take a step back and analyze the plan for the business. Time for business planning was ranked important for spa management particularly as its covers so many elements of business development.



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