Four Tips for Staying Competitive Against Multi-Level Marketing

Stay ahead of multi-level marketing with these tips // Photo Credit: oneinchpunch/iStock/Getty Images Plus

To stay competitive with multi-level marketing (MLM) and other distribution streams, consider creating your own branded products. According to Lisa Starr, spa business consultant for Wynne Business Consulting & Education, that is the best way to maintain control of both sales and distribution.

If creating your own brand isn’t an option, she recommends the following tips:

  • Choose retail partners whose products closely reflect the values of your spa brand, fit the price point your clients desire, and work as advertised.
  • Train your staff extensively on product knowledge, not just once a year but continually. When they understand a bit of the cosmetic chemistry behind the products, they’ll be better positioned for intelligent discourse with clients.
  • Beyond product knowledge training, also schedule regular sales training sessions and role play for your staff. Knowing all about the products won’t help if they are not willing to sing the praises of the products when working with clients.
  • Create loyalty or incentive programs that reward clients for purchases made at your spa. Having them earn points they can redeem in a variety of ways helps to concentrate their retail and service spend with you.


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