Go Behind the Brand with Melach 33

Photo via Melach 33 website

According to Jennifer McClure, founder of Melach 33, the ingredients that have been around the longest—that have stood the test of time—are the ones that really work. McClure, who had grown tired to using skincare products that simply weren’t effective on her skin, wanted to create something that she could really benefit from, and turned to the classics that are known to work on all types and conditions. On a trip to Israel in 2016, the idea for Melach 33 was born. McClure wanted to utilize dead sea minerals and desert plant oils to formulate products that actually worked.

In this exclusive Behind the Brand video interview with American Spa, McClure opens up about why she founded Melach 33, the benefits of usage, her favorite products, what’s next, and more. Check out the video below for more details.

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