How High-Tech Devices Benefit Both Spas and Clients

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In today's tech-driven society, it's important for businesses to stay on top of technology in all its forms—from software that makes it easier for guests to book services and keep track of important client and employee information to social media strategies that expand exposure and attract new clients. Despite the spa being a place that many visit to unwind and unplug, spa-goers can’t escape another type of technology that has found its place in treatment rooms everywhere. There are a host of devices, machines, and equipment designed to enhance services and provide an affordable, painless, non-invasive treatment that produces effective and immediate results. “The leading spas continue to innovate and elevate the experience for guests,” says Jim Huether, CEO of Hyperice. “Now, with high-tech modalities, spas are providing more effective rejuvenating services, while providing a new opportunity for clients to learn about how these technologies can help them move better and live better.

We asked some industry insiders how high-tech devices can benefit both spas and their clients, and here’s what they had to say:

How can implementing high-tech devices into treatment rooms increase a spa’s bottom line?


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  • “Hightech treatment modalities prove to elevate the experience for guests, enhance their wellbeing, and improve their service satisfaction. This leads to an increase in spa bookings.” —Jim Huether, CEO, Hyperice

How has the internet affected the popularity of high-tech devices?

  • “Savvy clients have become increasingly demanding of new technology. Millennials in particular are aware of advancements in aesthetics through online research and peer experiences. Staying current with new technology is crucial for a spa’s success and growth.”—Denise Ryan, vice president of brand management, Celluma Light Therapy

Why are high-tech devices attractive to busy clients?

  • “Traditionally, spa treatments were focused on a single particular service, but clients are looking to address multiple concerns in one treatment. High-tech modalities allow spas to provide this versatility.”—Darnell K. Wise, director of aesthetics, Universal Companies, an authorized distributor of Oxygeneo Gene0+ and The Skin Analysis System

How do these devices change the way spas are treating clients?

  • “They give spas the chance to show their employees that they care about the livelihood of their staff and the condition of their bodies. From there, bodyworkers, licensed massage therapists, and trainers are able to pass positive energy and care onto their clients with a device that allows them to work smarter.”—Jason Wersland, doctor of chiropractic, founder, Theragun

Do high-tech treatments mean higher costs for clients and spas?

  • “Advances in technology and competition has brought the price of previously expensive machines down quite dramatically. Today, devices are multifunctional and less expensive, easier to use, and less bulky. Clients benefit through more affordable services and a wider variety of options.”—Denise Ryan, vice president of brand management, Celluma Light Therapy


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