Nine Dos and Don’ts for Engaging Your Brow and Lash Followers

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Social media is one of the most direct ways to reach your clientele when marketing your brow and lash business. We asked some of our favorite lash and brow experts for their dos and don’ts to engage followers: 

  1. “Do not ever fight with a person over social media, not in comments or through direct messaging. Never post without crediting the product, or if you are reposting someone’s post, be sure to give them the credit. You can be sued if you don’t.”—Celeste Lara, global social media manager, RevitaLash
  2. “Make sure you’re using your own work, and explain what’s happening in each post. Never badmouth another person’s work or page.”—Claire Ogilvie, esthetician, Beauty By Claire (Brantford, Ontario), and a NovaLash Brand Ambassador
  3. “Clients want to feel special and feel like they are getting some behind-the-scenes tips and tricks or information.”—Melissa Jansma, national sales manager, Chella Brow
  4. “Be strategic when posting. Think before you hit post and decide who you are trying to target, such as a certain age group or a certain demographic. Partner with beauty influencers that share your same vision and philosophy, as they will attract the same type of audience.”—Edgar Dominguez, global educator, Jane Iredale
  5. “Don’t just use social media platforms to hawk your wares. Nobody likes to be sold to all the time. Tell a story, share a moment, and make people feel something.”—Scott Wasserman, M.D., founder and CEO, Cosmetic Alchemy, makers of LiLash Purified Eyelash Serum
  6. “Do keep it all professional, and do not take your bad day out on your social media page.”—Michelle Mirizio, owner and operator, Let's Talk Makeup Studio (West Palm Beach, FL) and a NovaLash Brand Ambassador 
  7. “Oversharing of actual services or close-ups of body parts like brow tints or before-and-after waxes aren’t always exciting to look at for followers. It’s fun to mix in colorful imagery, regrams, and relatable quotes to match the brands aesthetic.”—Malynda Vigliotti, owner, Boom Boom Brow Bar (New York City)
  8. “Post your best work often. Pictures and videos help showcase your abilities and the best you have to offer, but keep your work top of mind by posting a few times a week.”—Esther Bolkin, founder, Glad Lash
  9. “Always provide full disclosure of beauty services used when highlighting a before-and-after. Nobody likes to be misled or misinformed about how to achieve a gorgeous lash and brow look, and you’ll save yourself from the possibility of any legal repercussions, as well.”—Emily Bopp, marketing coordinator, Grande Cosmetics

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