From the Pros: What's Next for Spa Technology

What's new in spa technology // Photo credit: JANIFEST/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Technology is evolving, and we’ve got the scoop on what some experts believe will be the next big thing:

“Automated check-in will be a great option using cheap beacons that recognize guests when they walk in, as well as geolocation capabilities to automatically know guests are almost at the spa so you can prepare for them and recognize them when they arrive.”—John Harms, founder and CEO, Millennium Systems International

“I believe the future of spa software is more around the customer experience. We’ve seen a little bit of this through the proliferation of online booking and online profile management, but I believe that technology doesn’t have as strong a presence once the consumer enters the spa. That’s where I expect to see change.”—Dan Chandre, vice president of strategic development, MindBody


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“Innovations will continue to focus on business process automation, because automation has the potential to enhance the guest experience while saving businesses time and money.”—Patricia Cornet, marketing manager, Vagaro

“Technology, such as artificial intelligence, is taking the world by storm. A simple electronic device can place orders, change lighting, play music, and even engage in a conversation. Eventually, this will impact the spa industry, as it will allow guests to make spa appointments through new technology channels.”—Theresa Hamberger, sales manager of corporate accounts, SpaSoft

“Certainly, the trend toward client portals will continue. A secure website login that allows a client to review and possibly share all of their previous treatments and product purchases may expand to allow them to manage upcoming appointments, publicly review their service provider, or refer their friends to strengthen the bond a spa has with its clients.”—Jeff Dickerson, CEO, DaySmart Software, makers of Salon Iris and Orchid Medical Spa Software

“The days of offering the same spa menu every day will be a relic of the past as spas rethink how to optimize their menu availability based on periods of fluctuating demand.”—Frank Pitsikalis, founder and CEO, ResortSuite

“With the proliferation of apps, I see staff apps that make full access to the software possible, rather than heavily stripped down apps that only offer limited options. I also see client-centric apps that give the client significantly more flexibility when doing business with your spa.”—Matthew Wiggins, co-owner, ProSolutions Software


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