From the Pros: Why Your Spa Should Offer Natural Nailcare Options

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Wellness has been trending upward since 2013, and with no sign of slowing in 2018, it may well be considered the new luxury. The third annual Green Beauty Barometer survey conducted online by Harris Poll in September 2017 indicates an increasing demand for natural beauty products (61 percent vs. 55 percent in 2016) with the interest in green nailcare products up by 4 percent over last year. In last year's poll, the engagement was high for natural, gentle nailcare and long wearing products that emphasized convenience and ease of use. Natural and low toxicity nail polishes generated the highest level (67 percent) of interest and 56 percent reported interest in gentle nailcare products. Concern about nail damage from frequent polishing as well as a broader concern about product ingredients is fueling this interest.

Consumers are realizing that the monomers used in artificial nail enhancements must not be healthy as they cause headache, nausea, and sometimes even vomiting. Overexposure to these volatile, reactive chemicals can cause allergies, and should be avoided by pregnant women. While the non-volatile monomers in UV gels are not an inhalation hazard, they are known to be skin sensitizers, causing contact allergic dermatitis with overexposure. Furthermore, women do not like soaking their fingers in pure acetone when they have to change color. They are looking for products that are more gentle to their nails and stay on their nails without chipping until their next regular manicure. Women love nail polish, as evidenced by the growing nail polish sales in the U.S. and globally. A manicure is important to 79 percent of women who were interviewed for a study conducted by The Beauty Company.

With the growing U.S. economy comes an increase in disposable income, and an increased confidence to indulge in experiences that promote wellbeing. The spa industry has embraced wellness, and consumers have recognized this and are continuing to look to spas to provide them those experiences. So, why not offer nail services that satisfy these needs as well? It's time your spa embrace the wellness initiative and offer more natural services to the clients who seek them.

About the Author: Dr. Vivian B. Valenty, Ph.D., invents problem-solving products for the professional beauty industry. Many category-opening products such as ProFinish UV Top Coat, IBD UV Top Coat, ProLinc Callus Eliminator and Cuticle Eliminator have proven her a leading chemist and innovator. As owner of Dazzle Dry performance-driven nail and skin care, she continues her legacy with commitment to natural wellness. Dazzle Dry products are vegan and free from harmful or reactive ingredients.


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