Three Tips for Tapping the Millennial Market

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Millennials (those born between 1981 and 1996) are often credited with starting the social media movement, and many are glued to their smartphones. In fact, a survey released by Bank of America revealed that nearly four in 10 millennials say they interact more with their smartphones than they do with their significant others, parents, friends, children, or coworkers. And according to an infographic created by, 68 percent of millennials trust online reviews most, as opposed to 34 percent who trust television advertisements. In addition, 90 percent of consumers read fewer than 10 reviews before forming an opinion about a business.

“Millennials are, in general, an untapped market,” says  Book4Time’s Roger Sholanki. “Millennials would rather text than call, they are extremely digital-based and operate in a complete different manner than general spa-goers, and they require more online engagement.” Here, discover three ways to tap into the millennial spa market.

What’s the best way to engage millennials?
“First, focus on providing incredible guest service so guests have an amazing experience they can’t wait to share. Next, encourage them to share their experiences. Then, monitor their mentions and their reputation online to be able to respond quickly to reviews and messages. Millennials love to get a retweet, a regram, or even a thank you.”
—Amanda Wisell, marketing manager, Springer-Miller Systems


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Are incentives a good way to entice millennials?  
“Offering client loyalty points or a small product or service discount for posting a review is a win-win.”
—Colleen Lemos, senior public relations specialist, Millennium Systems International

Why is it important to have active social media accounts? “Millennials research social profiles of businesses just like they peruse reviews. Beautiful imagery and inspiring words on Instagram are a powerful way to attract younger spa-goers.”
—Corey Kossack, founder and CEO, Frederick

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