Utilize Gift Cards to Increase Foot Traffic and Revenue this Mother's Day

Here's how gift cards will benefit your spa this Mother's Day // Photo credit: Milkos/iStock/Getty Images Plus

In 2017, Americans spent $23.6 billion for Mother’s Day. With the holiday quickly approaching, consumers are involved in a mad dash to find the perfect gift, if they have not already. For retailers like spas and salons, Mother’s Day is a critical time to increase foot traffic and profit for the year. 

But while there are many different gifting options available—flowers, clothing, jewelry, electronics, outings—it’s the gift cards that are the choice that sticks out above the rest. In 2017, consumers spent $2.5 billion on gift cards for Mother’s Day. Not only does it benefit the giver and receiver, it’s a good way for spas and salons to increase their customer base and revenue for their locations.  

As a spa owner, Mother’s Day can be an extremely profitable time of year. Last year, consumers spent $1.6 billion on spa days and other services for their mothers. Which leads to the question, what can spa and salon owners do to ensure their  business is reaping the benefits? Here are some tips to help you effectively sell gift cards and certificates this Mother’s Day. 


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Gift Cards Are Always a Good Idea—Especially Customized Ones

Moms deserve the best every day of the year, but especially on Mother’s Day. And while gift cards are options for any holiday or special occasion, a customized or branded card especially for mothers can go a long way in creating a loyal customer. While generic “gift for you” or branded certificates or cards are nice, take the time to customize and brand designs for this day in particular. Consider exploring new card options, color palettes, fun fonts or interesting graphics. A customized and personalized gift card provides the opportunity to show off your brand, vision and voice. 

Social Media is a Must for Promotion

In 2017, 81 percent of Americans had a social media profile. While there’s a good chance some of your customers might not be aware you offer a gift card option, there’s a higher chance that they are following you on your social platforms or are aware they exist. By not promoting your gift card options across your different social channels, you can be losing out on revenue and the opportunity to increase your customer base.

Do everything you can to make a splash on social about your card options. Boosted social posts or daily tweets can increase customer views, and pique someone’s interest. You can even take it a step further and send out targeted email campaigns to let your customer base know they are available for purchase.

Use Gift Cards to Upsell Products and Services

The best part about gift cards is they give the recipient control over what they spend the funds on, and how much they plan on spending. When a gift-giver is purchasing the card, upsell a service you think they would be interested in. Does your spa specialize in a certain service or sell exclusive products? It’s the perfect time to increase the total amount spent, simply by lending a helping hand. Alternatively, for a customer redeeming their gift card, ask them if they’re interested in booking another appointment or learning about other services offered. This might be the first time they stepped foot in your spa, but you can ensure it’s not the last.

Additionally, offer limited-time Mother’s Day incentives or promotions for purchasing cards. For example, for every $100 spent in gift cards, you can receive a free product or sample service, or even an additional $5 card at no cost. Offering these rewards can entice a customer to buy the gift card now, rather than wait and consider other gifting options. 

Remember—Mother’s Day only comes around once a year, but it’s always a good idea to plan, prepare, and execute any campaigns or promotions ahead of time. Driving sales to your gift cards can be easy if you consider the steps to get there. Identify your goals; how many cards are you aiming to sell daily or weekly? Then, identify the best tactics to get there. Those cards will be increasing your overall revenue and foot traffic in no time.

About the Author: Josh McCarter

Josh McCarter cofounded Booker in 2010 and has served as the company’s CEO since its inception. He is focused on expanding Booker’s reach through partnerships and client relationships while creating a culture of innovation and excellence in Booker’s offices around the world. He previously served as COO of SpaFinder, managing the company’s technology, operations, and strategic initiatives. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science-International Relations as a Cum Laude Graduate at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and his MBA at the University of Southern California (USC).


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