Arbor Vita8 Launches Online Resource Center for Hemp Industry

Content supports general education and furthering industry understanding for farmers. Photo credit: Tinnakorn Jorruang/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Arbor Vita8 launched an online information center for the hemp industry that takes a three-fold approach. One area supports a general understanding of hemp, its compounds, and how the industry works for farmers, manufacturers, and consumers. Another area speaks directly to hemp farmers, helping them get their grow started and giving them invaluable tips toward success. The third area shares relevant news. "Our goal with this collection of information is to continually provide fresh resources for anyone who wants to know more about hemp," says Jason Sirotin, CEO of Arbor Vita8. "This includes giving hemp farmers tips and strategies to make the growing process easier, as well as going into extreme details about hemp compounds and products to educate consumers. This resource center gives our partners and customers a value-add to visiting our site and working with us. Not only do we sell the highest quality hemp-derived products, and offer superior hemp processing services, but we work extremely hard to be a useful resource to anyone interested in knowing more about hemp."

To check out the Arbor Vita8 Resource Center, please visit each individual section directly:
General Education
Farmer Knowledge


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