The Waldorf Astoria Park City Offers Farmhouse Fresh Pedicure

Photo credit: Waldorf Astoria Park City (Photo credit: Waldorf Astoria Park City)

The Waldorf Astoria Spa at the Waldorf Astoria Park City (UT) and FarmHouse Fresh have announced their latest collaboration, a signature pedicure that includes the FarmHouse Fresh Total Swellness Hi Bio Hemp nourishing CBD line. “Our Signature Pedicure not only softens the skin with paraffin but also infuses the feet with FarmHouse Fresh hemp-infused Mellow Moon Dip, ensuring that our bioavailable hemp fully relaxes the muscles of the feet and gives our guests ultimate release," says Hailie Wilde, lead spa therapist at Waldorf Astoria. "It is the highest quality nail treatment we offer, and our guests leave with glowing feet and a contented heart every time."


Using specialized, FDA-approved pharmaceutical technology, FarmHouse Fresh’s hemp oil undergoes complex encapsulation, allowing the oil to absorb, calm, and revitalize the skin faster than any standard hemp oil available. The new spa offering includes the Rosemary Mint Bio-Hemp Fizzer Soak, Watermelon Basil Scrub, Honey Heel Glaze, and Hemp Mellow Moon Dip. Spa patrons may add the customized hemp treatment to any pedicure service; it is not limited to the signature. The treatment starts at $113 for 50 minutes with an option to upgrade to a French or Shellac pedicure.


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