Are You Using the Right Lash Extensions for Your Eye Shape?

Are you using the right eyelash extension for your eye shape? // Photo credit: belchonock/iStock/Getty Images Plus (belchonock/iStock/Getty Images Plus)

The shape of the eyes determines the type of lash look that best suits each shape. This is an important factor to keep in mind when applying eyelash extensions and shaping lashes. “Eye shaping is a big trend that is important to understand for lash stylists so they can give the best service to clients,” says Jessica Baird, owner and lash stylist of Color Pins Curls Lash & Beauty Bar (Brighton, MI). “Being able to style the lashes for the client’s eye shape can make a tremendous difference and give them a large confidence boost while making their eyes the focus of their photos.”

The most important step is determining your client's eye shape to ensure you are using the proper lashes for their face. Use the chart below to identify the different shapes, then follow these tips from Glad Lash’s Esther Bolkin to ensure lashes perfectly complement the shape of the eyes:

Almond: Add long and wispy lashes on the ends to accentuate the shape without weighing them down. 

Close-Set Eyes: Add thick and long lashes on the outer edges to even out the proportions.

Round: Apply thin and wispy, yet dramatic, lashes. 

Hooded and Downturned Eyes: Apply medium-to-long lightweight lashes in the middle to add texture and dimension and open the eyes. 

Wide-Set Eyes: To make the eyes appear closer, place the dramatic longer-length extensions in the middle of each eye and taper down shorter extensions to the outer corner. 


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