The Do's and Don't's of Adolescent Skincare

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There is no mystery that our hormones will change throughout our lives. They affect the way we act, look, sleep, and affect skin, especially in the tween and teen years. These years are oftentimes the most difficult, particularly since this is such an impressionable age.

This is why Melissa Haloossim, board-certified nurse practitioner and clinical director and cofounder of Skin Thesis (West Hollywood, CA), developed the ST Teen Clinic. With four kids of her own (ranging in age from 5 to 14), Haloossim has seen first-hand how the phases of young skin can become inflamed with blemishes or irritated from greasy and sugary foods, which in turn can cause emotional anxiety.

The clinic, located within the Skin Thesis location, utilizes new skin technologies and options that are often used on adult skin (though they are safe to use on younger skin as well) to build a custom solution to deal with skin issues that each specific teen faces.

Inspired to help her teen son combat his skin issues, Haloossim created a series of non-invasive treatments to help keep his skin clean and bacteria free. She created a consistent home regimen of do’s and don’t’s to help balance his skin’s PH, teach proper hygiene, and provide helpful tools he (and other adolescents) can carry on throughout their lives. Here, take a look at how Haloossim suggests tweens and teens take care of their skin.


  1. Create a daily regimen that includes both a cleanser and moisturizer.
  2. Use the right products for your skin type: oily, dry, active, acne, or combination.
  3. Practice consistent hand washing. Our hands are in constant contact with bacteria, and we want to avoid transferring that bacteria to our face
  4. Clean your cell phone. Studies have shown that our phones are filthy, and that we transfer bacteria to our faces during use. Ear phones and headsets are a must.
  5. Practice healthy habits: get the proper amount of sleep, and avoid fried foods, sugar, and too much dairy.
  6. After participating in PE or sports, cleanse the face or at least use a toner.
  7. Get a simple facial at least every four to six weeks.


  1. Don’t touch your face throughout the day.
  2. Don’t pick at your face or pop pimples.
  3. Avoid over-cleansing and drying out the skin. This can cause increase oil production leading to more breakouts.
  4. Don’t use too many products at once.
  5. Don’t apply heavy makeup or too many layers.
  6. Don’t use regular soap to wash your face.



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